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Double Hung Windows For Elegance And Style

Double hung windows that elegantly frame a beautiful vista view create a picture-perfect postcard image. You, too, can enhance any view by installing a double hung window to frame your special view. As the name suggests, it has two sections. Raising the bottom half allows the cool breezes to enter, allowing plenty of airflow into your home.

The Mechanisms And Choices

Generally double hung windows are available in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or wood. Vinyl and fiberglass are more popular, but there are many styles and colors for you to choose from, making them a perfect choice for both traditional and contemporary homes. These glass windows have clearly defined upper and lower sections. You have to move the bottom half up to open the window. Both upper and lower parts have sashes as well as jambs. They are quite simple to operate, and usually have finger grip grooves.

Double Hung Windows: Secure And Beautiful

It does not take too much of an effort to repair damaged double hung windows. They are generally quite hardy, often having a life span of 25 years or more. They have a locking system that secures them against heavy winds or water. You can add fancy handles, trims and extra locking systems if you wish. Many renovators replace old spiral balance or cord and weight windows with modern new double hung windows.

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