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Bamboo Flooring: A Natural Choice

Many homeowners overlook a classically beautiful and natural, as well as virtually indestructible type of flooring when choosing a new floor for their home. It is available in a variety of colors with various grains and textures, just like hardwood floors and is extremely functional and hard wearing. You may be wondering what type of mystery flooring is this? Bamboo of course! It's very practical, strong and relatively easy to install.

Highly Efficient As Well As Stunningly Beautiful

By compressing many layers into a hard, durable product which is then laminated to fasten it together, the result is a highly water resistant product that can withstand a great deal of foot traffic. It is only water resistant, though, and not waterproof. Generally compared to hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is closer to laminated flooring. Of course, it is significantly more attractive than laminate, as it is made from natural materials, so it is naturally beautiful.

An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Bamboo is a new flooring option in the west so it will take some time to catch up with more traditional flooring types, but it is definitely on the rise, especially as the world embraces the new energy conservation consciousness that is ever-increasing. This is one product that is not only an inexpensive, beautiful and natural flooring choice, but also environmentally sound as well.

Here at we are more than happy to show you the varieties of bamboo flooring available for your new floor. We also have an excellent range of cabinets, glass windows and doors as well as other building products for the handyman. Contact us today!

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