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Install Basement Windows for Proper Ventilation

Having a proper ventilation system in your basement can magically transform a once dark and dismal storeroom into an additional living room or bedroom. All you need to do is install one or more basement windows.

Remember to ensure against possible flooding and leakage when you choose your basement windows. It is also advisable to have extra insulation in the window seals to keep both your basement and house warmer during the chilly days of winter, especially if it's going to be used as an extra recreational room.

Make Certain Your Windows Are Secure

It's true that glass windows are nice and airy, as they let in a lot of light, but on the downside they can break easily. You can prevent this by making the windows more secure. While some home owners prefer reinforcing their basement windows, others opt for installing them with glass bricks. You can also go for various window coverings that will make it difficult for a burglar to break in.

What's The Minimum Size?

Every basement window should have a minimum size of 24"X20", as this size is large enough for a resident to escape in case of fire. If you are planning to use your basement as a living room or a bedroom, you will also need to ensure that they are wide enough for proper air circulation.

Our site has kept all these factors in mind. That is why all of our basement windows offer a combination of security and comfort. Contact us at to see our complete range of windows, doors, skylights as well as flooring and other building products. Enjoy your new look basement with plenty of natural lighting and fresh air.

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