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Monday, August 18, 2008

Use Vinyl Replacement Windows and reduce your bills

Any homeowner wishing to save on his monthly utility bills must pay attention to the windows. Replacing the existing aluminum or wooden frame windows with modern, energy-efficient Vinyl Replacement Windows will amply compensate for the initial up-front expense by considerbly reducing the monthly gas and electric bills. There are certain additional points you should bear in mind, if you are keen to further lower costs and add to your savings.

People once favored double-pane glass to augment insulation value. But with the steeply rising energy costs, it is found the right option should be the triple pane glass. Make sure to buy glass that is coated to reflect unwanted heat or cold. Most window replacement companies offer a Low-E coat on a single pane within a double glass unit. The use of a soft coating, as opposed to hard one, improves the reflectivity even more so. It is a good idea to place high-tech continuous thermal spacer systems between each piece of glass to avoid unwanted heat or cold radiating inside.

To strengthen insulation properties even further, an inert gas can be placed in between the panes of gas. This gas is effective in slowing down heat transfer. It is common knowledge that aluminum window frames are known to radiate excess heat and for this reason more and more people are turning to vinyl, which arrest the heat. However, the demerit is vinyl can lose its shape on a hot day, causing the frames to warp and not close properly. But vinyl replacement windows that use a combination of both vinyl and aluminum combine the advantages of both. The aluminum is totally concealed and thermally separated to prevent transfer of unwanted heat or cold to the inside.

Exercise caution while choosing vinyl replacement windows to make sure they are not hollow. Vinyl windows needs to have chambers designed into the extrusions to provide sufficient wall strength. Please also know the frame-to-wall interface must be sealed tightly, otherwise air can seep through. Look for a supplier who uses gaskets and weather stripping at crucial areas of the window and sash members. Do not attempt to replacing windows yourself as some expertise is needed. It is better to hire professionals to do the job.

When deciding on Replacement windows, you save on carpentry work as your new replacement vinyl windows are available to exact sizes. As already stated vinyl replacement windows helps you save on your heating and air conditioning energy bills. Modern insulated glass panes not only restrict the heat but by tinting the panes with UV blocking coatings, you can also filter damaging UV rays. One of the best ways to change the appearance of your old home is by replacing the windows. Vinyl windows are energy efficient, easy to clean, and add maintenance free beauty to any home. Another cost-saving factor of Vinyl replacement windows is the paint will not peel off because they do not come coated with any paint. The only maintenance they will ever need is cleaning and that is many times easier than outdated wooden windows with separate panes.

Government statistics report that saving energy costs can save a household several hundred dollars and in some cases, even few thousand dollars per year on their utility bills. Replacing your old windows and doors, with more energy-efficient alternatives like vinyl repplacement window is one such measure. Whatever styles and colors you opt for, vinyl replacement windows are available to help your home look modern, sleek and stylish. They'll save you money not only now but also in the long run.


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