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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why you must think of Replacement Windows for your home

There may be several reasons why you should think of replacement windows for your home... If you have an old model home fitted with single pane windows, please understand you are losing a significant amount of energy through the glass both for cooling and heating. Window dressings such as cloth curtains are certainly helpful but the right thing to do is to replace the windows with new, vinyl, double glazed windows. The latest types of windows are much easier to clean than the old wood framed ones.The vinyl windows can be completely cleaned from the inside, making them not only energy efficient but also convenient to maintain. The most popular replacement windows are undoubtedly vinyl because they are easy to install, come in a variety of colors, and does not require painting.

However, you can also choose wood, fiberglass or aluminum if you prefer but they are becoming increasingly out-dated.Instead of the traditional rectangular windows you must be having, check out the possibility replacing with bow or bay windows, windows with side lights and curved tops. You need not be dismayed but purchase windows that are actually rectangular—to fit your existing opening. But buy the rectangular ones that are designed such that they appear to be domed. You could also select glazing with frosted sections and many other designs that will give your home a refreshingly new look.

When you think of buying a replacement windows, you should not be too concerned about costs as selecting a cheap window will not only mean heat loss but it can also create condensation problems as well. While selecting a replacement window, check its R-value, infiltration ratings, sturdiness and construction. R-value is the measurement of a window's ability to prevent heat loss through its solid portions. The higher the R-value, the less heat will be lost and therefore you should look for windows with high R-value ratings. You must know that R-values have to be measured at the center of the glass area. R-values measured at the edge will be lower than when measured at the center of the glass.

Presently, we find that in most replacement windows, sealed insulated glass has replaced the old single-glazed prime window. Sealed, insulated glass is coated or filled with argon or other gases to further reduce heat loss and raise the window's R-value. Most sealed insulated glass has metal spacers at the edges. Infiltration rating or U-factor is the term used for measuring the window's ability to reduce air leakage through the gaps between the sash and the frame. Look for windows with low U-factor infiltration numbers preferably less than 0.35. To prevent condensation, look for windows that have warm air technology. Building experts opine that casement and awning windows are tighter than double-hung or horizontal slide-by windows. That is because casement and awning windows seal by compressing the sash against the weather strip.


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