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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Solving window condensation problems

Condensation occurs when the indoor relative humidity is high. In windows, condensation occurs because the glass surface has a low temperature. Window condensation problem can be reduced to a certain extent if the homemaker knows the basic cause of the problem. Some of the reasons that increases moisture in the house are excessive water in the sink and the fish tanks are opened, clothes are dried at home, use of gas while cooking, exhaust fans are not used will taking a bath, water is leaking from the walls, excessive use of humidifiers and steamers, floors are wet etc.

Water condensation in vinyl windows can be controlled by reducing the indoor relative humidity or by improving the thermal quality of the window. Condensation can occur in summer and winter. During summer, it will occur on the outside of the window and in winter on the inside of the window. Energy efficient windows can reduce the heat amount moving through the window. Double pane glass, low E coatings and inert gas fill can reduce the heat flow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Use Vinyl Replacement Windows and reduce your bills

Any homeowner wishing to save on his monthly utility bills must pay attention to the windows. Replacing the existing aluminum or wooden frame windows with modern, energy-efficient Vinyl Replacement Windows will amply compensate for the initial up-front expense by considerbly reducing the monthly gas and electric bills. There are certain additional points you should bear in mind, if you are keen to further lower costs and add to your savings.

People once favored double-pane glass to augment insulation value. But with the steeply rising energy costs, it is found the right option should be the triple pane glass. Make sure to buy glass that is coated to reflect unwanted heat or cold. Most window replacement companies offer a Low-E coat on a single pane within a double glass unit. The use of a soft coating, as opposed to hard one, improves the reflectivity even more so. It is a good idea to place high-tech continuous thermal spacer systems between each piece of glass to avoid unwanted heat or cold radiating inside.

To strengthen insulation properties even further, an inert gas can be placed in between the panes of gas. This gas is effective in slowing down heat transfer. It is common knowledge that aluminum window frames are known to radiate excess heat and for this reason more and more people are turning to vinyl, which arrest the heat. However, the demerit is vinyl can lose its shape on a hot day, causing the frames to warp and not close properly. But vinyl replacement windows that use a combination of both vinyl and aluminum combine the advantages of both. The aluminum is totally concealed and thermally separated to prevent transfer of unwanted heat or cold to the inside.

Exercise caution while choosing vinyl replacement windows to make sure they are not hollow. Vinyl windows needs to have chambers designed into the extrusions to provide sufficient wall strength. Please also know the frame-to-wall interface must be sealed tightly, otherwise air can seep through. Look for a supplier who uses gaskets and weather stripping at crucial areas of the window and sash members. Do not attempt to replacing windows yourself as some expertise is needed. It is better to hire professionals to do the job.

When deciding on Replacement windows, you save on carpentry work as your new replacement vinyl windows are available to exact sizes. As already stated vinyl replacement windows helps you save on your heating and air conditioning energy bills. Modern insulated glass panes not only restrict the heat but by tinting the panes with UV blocking coatings, you can also filter damaging UV rays. One of the best ways to change the appearance of your old home is by replacing the windows. Vinyl windows are energy efficient, easy to clean, and add maintenance free beauty to any home. Another cost-saving factor of Vinyl replacement windows is the paint will not peel off because they do not come coated with any paint. The only maintenance they will ever need is cleaning and that is many times easier than outdated wooden windows with separate panes.

Government statistics report that saving energy costs can save a household several hundred dollars and in some cases, even few thousand dollars per year on their utility bills. Replacing your old windows and doors, with more energy-efficient alternatives like vinyl repplacement window is one such measure. Whatever styles and colors you opt for, vinyl replacement windows are available to help your home look modern, sleek and stylish. They'll save you money not only now but also in the long run.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Installation of new windows is necessary

In many homes new windows are not installed because they don't want to spend money or don't have time to install new window. But if new windows are installed it will reduce your electricity bill and the house will look more beautiful. Vinyl windows are affordable and can be easily installed. With just little bit of maintenance the windows will look beautiful for many years. Vinyl replacement windows will reduce the heating and cooling bills within a year or two. If you are not ready to repair your old window and want to buy new windows take your time in selecting the right window for your home. If it is difficult to choose just hire a professional who will help you out. Try to know which companies will give you large discounts on large orders. If you are planning to replace windows for your whole house you will get large discounts. With the help of professionals the windows can be replaced within few hours. Power washing the windows once or twice a year will be good. As the homemaker has taken time to purchase and install new windows it is of sure that she will take time to clean the windows regularly. The right window will definitely beautify your home.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why you must think of Replacement Windows for your home

There may be several reasons why you should think of replacement windows for your home... If you have an old model home fitted with single pane windows, please understand you are losing a significant amount of energy through the glass both for cooling and heating. Window dressings such as cloth curtains are certainly helpful but the right thing to do is to replace the windows with new, vinyl, double glazed windows. The latest types of windows are much easier to clean than the old wood framed ones.The vinyl windows can be completely cleaned from the inside, making them not only energy efficient but also convenient to maintain. The most popular replacement windows are undoubtedly vinyl because they are easy to install, come in a variety of colors, and does not require painting.

However, you can also choose wood, fiberglass or aluminum if you prefer but they are becoming increasingly out-dated.Instead of the traditional rectangular windows you must be having, check out the possibility replacing with bow or bay windows, windows with side lights and curved tops. You need not be dismayed but purchase windows that are actually rectangular—to fit your existing opening. But buy the rectangular ones that are designed such that they appear to be domed. You could also select glazing with frosted sections and many other designs that will give your home a refreshingly new look.

When you think of buying a replacement windows, you should not be too concerned about costs as selecting a cheap window will not only mean heat loss but it can also create condensation problems as well. While selecting a replacement window, check its R-value, infiltration ratings, sturdiness and construction. R-value is the measurement of a window's ability to prevent heat loss through its solid portions. The higher the R-value, the less heat will be lost and therefore you should look for windows with high R-value ratings. You must know that R-values have to be measured at the center of the glass area. R-values measured at the edge will be lower than when measured at the center of the glass.

Presently, we find that in most replacement windows, sealed insulated glass has replaced the old single-glazed prime window. Sealed, insulated glass is coated or filled with argon or other gases to further reduce heat loss and raise the window's R-value. Most sealed insulated glass has metal spacers at the edges. Infiltration rating or U-factor is the term used for measuring the window's ability to reduce air leakage through the gaps between the sash and the frame. Look for windows with low U-factor infiltration numbers preferably less than 0.35. To prevent condensation, look for windows that have warm air technology. Building experts opine that casement and awning windows are tighter than double-hung or horizontal slide-by windows. That is because casement and awning windows seal by compressing the sash against the weather strip.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Vinyl Windows are simple and sparkling

Vinyl replacement windows have the unique feature of reducing noise and energy use, enhancing your property value and adding to the appearance of your home. These windows can be installed quickly without major structural changes and the price is relatively affordable. It is for these reasons Vinyl replacement windows are becoming more and more popular. But upgrading your windows is a major project that requires careful consideration. Vinyl windows are slightly more expensive and of much better quality than the conventional aluminum frame windows. Vinyl windows are a terrific mainstream choice, which provides you with both reliability and quality.

To have a clear understanding of the options available and to make a proper decision, it is better to consult your windows manufacturer. One particular reason the makes solid vinyl window popular is their thermal conductivity - which is less than that of aluminum windows, thereby making vinyl windows a good choice for cold and warm climates. On very warm day or cool days, vinyl windows conduct less heat or cold into your home, thus reducing your cooling and heating cost. If you fear that installing new windows is costly, you must understand that by replacing your old leaky, non-insulated windows with Vinyl windows, you can actually save money in heating and cooling bills. The money you save actually offsets the cost of your new windows through lowered utility bills, and you also improve your home's appearance as well.

The other positive advantages of Vinyl windows are they resistant to rust, rot, blistering, corrosion, flaking and infestation by termites. A study by an internationally respected lifecycle analysis firm shows vinyl window frames require three times less energy to manufacture than aluminum window frames. Beyond that, the use of vinyl window frames has been shown to save the United States nearly 2 trillion BTUs of energy per year. The design of vinyl window frames further enhances energy efficiency by creating chambers in the frame that provide additional resistance to heat transfer and insulating air pockets. The energy efficiency of vinyl windows and glass doors can help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with coal-fired power plants. Further, the low maintenance requirements of vinyl windows and glass doors eliminate the need for paints, stains, strippers and thinners, which can affect air quality.

Most construction experts opine that vinyl windows are the best as no other framing material measures up to vinyl in strength, dimensional stability, durability and colorfastness even under extreme temperatures and weather conditions. They also assert that high-impact vinyl windows mean they never any attention now or at a future date as they will not rot, corrode, warp, rust, blister, bind or need painting. Windows, manufactured from Vinyl are the most prevalent material in use today and represent the largest market share in the Window remodeling business. Ask any builder what he or she recommends as the most efficient window, they will confidently recommend vinyl windows. Vinyl Windows are least expensive and they come in a wide range styles and prices.

The Windows installation process is fairly quick and reduces the cost of installation. You can choose from many different colors and all of them are essentially scratch resistant. However, once you choose the color, it can neither be changed nor can it be repainted. If you are looking for grace and elegance, energy efficiency, affordable price, or ease of maintenance, vinyl replacement windows are clearly your best choice. They are absolutely scratch-resistant and your windows, whatever their age, will always look new.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Advantages of the patio doors

Patio doors are mainly made from UPVC plastic, and will have a sliding action. The finish might be white, light or dark timber effect. Additionally, these doors can be made of timber or aluminium. Some patio doors will have more composite opening arrangements than the simple sliding action. For instance, some could tilt for ventilation, and also hinge outward for opening. Doors could also have a concertina action, with the doors naturally opening outward. The benefit of this is to provide a full clear opening to terrace or garden. While choosing these doors, it is essential to select one that is suitable for the area's weather and climate. Harsh winters will need thermally insulated glass. Moreover, special coatings can be applied to the glass to aid limiting the passage of heat. This helps in keeping rooms cooler during the summer months and warmer during the winter. It's also significant to choose high-quality sealing material and to make sure that the weather stripping is much durable, as it protects your room and home from the elements. It is also vital to make sure that any screen or pest doors are sealed tightly as well.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vinyl windows to reduce your energy bills

It is very easy to see vinyl replacement windows have become one of the trendiest home improvements all around. They help in reducing noise and energy use and also increasing your property value and enhancing the overall appearance of your home. They could be installed quickly without much construction headaches in addition price is relatively affordable. One good reason that makes vinyl windows this much popular is their thermal conductivity, which is very much less than that of aluminum windows. This makes vinyl windows a better option for cold or warm climates. On a very warm day or cool days, these windows conduct less heat or cold correspondingly into your home, accordingly reducing your cooling and heating cost.

If you think that installing new windows is part of luxury that you cannot afford, the fact is, by replacing your aged leaky, non-insulated windows, you could actually save yourself money in the case of heating and cooling bills. The money that you save really offsets the cost of your new windows by lowered utility bills, and you could also improve your home's appearance as well.


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