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Casement Windows: Combination of Security And Style

Casement windows are reasonably commonplace and you will find them in lots of households across the country. They do resemble a smallish door to a certain degree, as they open sideways and are attached to a hinge. These unique windows allow for plenty of fresh air and light, as well as being rather stylish.

Security Issues Are Not A Problem!

Being difficult to break into is the main reason for their popularity. The hinges that open them also make these glass windows secure. Due to first-class sealing, they offer better protection against rain and cold wind. The locking system of these windows consists of hooks that are a part and parcel of the window frame, making it virtually impossible to break in. They combine style and elegance with security very beautifully indeed!

Better Ventilation And Air Flow

Through large fixed panes combined with the casement sidelights, casement windows are designed to allow better ventilation into your home as well as offer unhindered views. They all have levers that can be used to open them, and the levers also double as locks. These expansive glass windows have the capacity for a more panoramic view. Casement windows work especially well in crowded areas because they channel the breeze due to their unique 90 degree pivot ability.

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