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Bring The Outdoors Indoors With A Garden Window!

If a couple of the windows in your home are looking a bit dull and drab, why not install a garden window? These windows are a fabulous choice for replacement windows in a kitchen or bathroom. Not only will you get extra light in the room, but you can also grow a variety of fresh produce like herbs or colorful flowers as well.

For all year greenery, ivy or myrtle are good choices; or try mint or lemongrass and other fragrant herbs to add a delicate scent that will waft in through your open windows.

Easy DIY Installation

Installing a garden window isn't difficult and even a DIY newcomer could manage it quite easily. These glass windows will give your home a completely new look and increase its value considerably as well. By bringing the outdoors indoors, rooms appear more spacious and allow more light into your home. These windows are also energy efficient, which is more reason to install one.

Vinyl Is The Way To Go!

Generally, vinyl windows are good options as they are virtually maintenance free. They are available in many colors and styles to suit most housing designs. Vinyl is a good choice for any replacement window project, as it's durable and never rots, corrodes or flakes off; as well as being a better insulator than traditional wood windows

If considering a garden window check out our great collection of garden windows here at We are more than happy to offer you our expert advice and tips regarding your window requirements.

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