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Charm, Beauty, And Elegance In A Hardwood Floor can provide you with the best in hardwood flooring. One of the most popular choices in flooring, it adds an elegance, beauty, and a visual depth to your home.

Easy Maintenance Of A Hardwood Floor

Thanks to updated techniques, the days of scrubbing and waxing wood floors are a thing of the past. There are many different finishes to choose from, depending on the style and traffic of your household. Polyurethane is a durable and clear finish that is applied as a wear layer. Aluminum oxide is added to the urethane finish to increase durability, and is increasingly used on higher-end wood floors. Acrylic impregnated means acrylic monomers are injected into the cell structure of the wood to increase hardness.

Don't Be Soft-Headed About Hardwood

It stands to reason the softer the wood, the more potential for damage. Therefore, softer woods should be used in low traffic areas, and hardwood in high traffic portions of the home. Some of the harder woods available are merbau, santos mahogany, mesquite, and Brazilian cherry; these are the high-end woods and are correspondingly more expensive. For good results at a lower price, maple, ash, and heart pine are great choices. Combined with a good finish, these floors hold up very well to traffic.

Hardwood floors, like wood windows or cabinets, not only lend an air of elegance and character to your home, they also increase the resale value. Easy to maintain, beautiful, and warm -- that's the charm of a wood floor in your home.

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