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Install Windows With A Little Help From Present And Future Friends

To install windows doesn't take anything more than some sweat, tools, and determination. Replacement windows aren't difficult to install; your supplier or lumberyard can give you printed instructions, if you decide to do a windows installation yourself.

The time to install windows is the time to call in any favors. A second set of hands is not necessary, but it will cut time in half and make the glass windows installation much easier.

Where To Start When Doing A Windows Installation?

Make a point to read over all the instructions and have all the required tools before you start to install windows. Check the parts list against what you've received to make sure you have all of the required parts. If using rechargeable drills or screwdrivers, charge them up the night before and put them back on the recharging base when not in use.

Take exact measurements. The old adage holds true here to install windows: measure twice, cut once. Measure three times if you're unsure using a combination of a tape measure and a carpenter's square.

Calling In The Professionals -- Handy Friends You've Yet To Meet

Professional window installers can be found almost anywhere. No matter where you find them, however, make sure to check them out carefully before proceeding. Collect and carefully examine the references, contracts, and terms of service for those who may install windows for you and make certain you know what you're paying for. Also, be sure to find out about any warrantee or guarantees they might have.

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