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Romantic Roof Windows

Roof windows are ideal for welcoming more sunlight into the room. Installing one in your home will mean that you will certainly never have any shortage of natural light. Or if you want instant romance, gazing up at the starry sky through these windows while letting your room bathe in moonlight is fabulously dreamy!

Roof windows are generally bigger than skylights, which is why they are a better choice if you want to make your house more illuminated. These will make your rooms look more spacious, and if the sun is a little too intense, consider shading the windows with special blinds.

Easy Installation

You will not face any difficulty while installing these types of windows due to their unique slanted positioning. They simply fit to the surface of your roof without even needing extra framework to install. This window style is also popular because of its cost effectiveness. However, while installing it, be careful that you do not leave any scope for leakages.

Materials Used

Generally, these windows are made of Nordic pinewoods. The wood is kiln dried before being used to increase their longevity. In short, roof windows are really a good investment, and if you already have a skylight, consider upgrading to a roof window. has a wide variety of roof windows perfect for every home. Take a look around and be sure to explore the rest of our site, too, as we have a selection of various glass windows and doors to suit all budgets and tastes.

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