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Skylights: Small, Energy Efficient And Stylish

Skylights may be small, but they make big impressions when it comes to adding that extra little something to a house. These small glass windows allow lots of natural light and air to enter into your home. They are not very expensive and give your home a stylized, fresh and contemporary look.

So Energy Efficient!

Believe it or not, a skylight is one way of being more energy efficient in your home, as it reduces the need for lighting in dark areas of the house. Obviously it needs to be installed properly -- the last thing you want in a sudden downpour is a leaking skylight! Positioned correctly, your home will be warm during winter and cooler in the summer months, thus increasing your comfort level.

Choosing Skylights

Make sure that the one you choose compliments your house's style, and also be sure to keep in mind the kind of roof that you have. A fixed skylight provides sufficient light but cannot be opened. Other variations include flat, dome, round and Pyramid skylights. One that can be operated through a remote control is best.

Controlling Extra Light Passing Through Skylights

This action sounds complex but it is really easy to do. All you need are some accessories like Venetian blinds and other sun screening things that will prevent the extra sunlight from entering the house. These accessories will protect your furniture from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Here at, not only will you will find many varieties of skylights, but we also have lots of wood or vinyl windows and a wide selection of doors as well to suit any renovation or building project.

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