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Consider Wood Clad Windows For Your New Home Renovation

Generally there are three types of window categories; wood, aluminum and vinyl. Lots of people are opting for vinyl windows these days as they are extremely low maintenance and look fantastic for many years.  Wood windows are also popular, especially with owners of traditional or all timber homes. As for aluminum windows, these also have the advantage of being easy to look after. With all of the available choices, what makes wood clad windows the best choice for your next renovation project?

What Are Wood Clad Windows?

Wood clad windows are traditional wood windows with a cladding attached on the exterior to reduce the external maintenance necessities. The cladding is usually aluminum, but other metal claddings such as Bronze, Copper and Zinc can also be used although these can be very expensive.

Advantages And Features Of Wood Clad Windows

Generally, vinyl external cladding is available in several stock colors. It is used to cover both the sash and frame of the window. The main advantage here is that they are pretty much maintenance-free for years. The color permeates the vinyl meaning any scratches won't show. Aluminum on the other hand, may show scratches but it is generally more resilient, has a wider selection of colors and is very easy to paint.

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