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Wood Windows Are A Popular Choice With Homeowners

It's good advice to do a little research if you're considering making your home more energy efficient by installing replacement windows. Why? Glass windows and doors are made from many different materials. But are they all equal when it comes to being energy efficient or do some types beat the others hands down?

Timber or wood windows are a popular choice with homeowners, especially if their homes are either traditional or historical in style.

Popular Timbers Used In Wood Windows

  • Mahogany is a popular choice for wood windows and doors with much of the wood sourced in the tropics. It generally ranges in color from reddish-brown to gray. Brazilian mahogany, with its uniform color and a tight, close grain is the best. Other types include Luann, Meranti and Sapele.

    American white or English oak are good choices for wood windows, but you must ensure it is well seasoned. Oak is often twice as expensive as mahogany, but worth considering for its strength, hardness and durability. Colors range from deep gold to pale brown.

    Teak comes from Southeast Asia, is expensive and highly desirable because it is so durable and weatherproof. It contains a high percentage of natural oils, which adds to its extreme durability.

    Maple is another highly durable wood due to its hardness and close grain. It resists warping and has an appealing red-brown color.

    Beech has a distinctive white or pale brown color and is used in sash window replacement if properly seasoned.

Contact us here at and compare the various wood windows we have available for your upcoming window renovation or construction project. We are more than happy to assist you in choosing the best timber window to suit your needs.

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